I’m Throwing My Vote Away


There’s a weak article over at Daily Kos written to scare you away from voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. You can find the same recipe for diarrhea chili being served on the right. The writers of these soft headed, beta editorials are pretending to be journalists to advance the cause of their favored candidate. Do not believe their lies.

The main reason to vote for a third party candidate is to affirm the viability of third parties. If no one moves to a new party, we will be stuck serving the dueling satanic oligarchs who command our putrid ineptocracy for eternity.

It amazes me that a society so interested in rejecting sexual and cultural binaries can still cling to these awful big tents. The suffocatingly hegemonic beliefs of the two party weasels need a major overhaul and they will never change unless we threaten them with the loss of our business. They are selling dull, lazy ideas. If we don’t reject their wares, we can only blame ourselves.


The foul goblins who write for these online political mags want to criticize informed people for voting their conscience. This is insane to me. How else should you vote? When are the other times shelving your conscience is required? The thought of this sickens me. I will vote for who I believe is the best.

The reason I like Gary Johnson is because his ideas line up with my ideals better than other candidates. I took one of those “which candidate do you agree with most” polls and I matched with Johnson 92%. I imagine it’s because I like guns, weed, and being left the fuck alone by pampered elites and grievance junkies. I am not ashamed of any of that.

I also really enjoyed him on The Joe Rogan Experience. I’ve never heard a presidential candidate in a real conversation before and I liked what I heard (note: I also quite enjoyed Obama on Marc Maron’s show, but he wasn’t running for anything). He seems like a solid dude. And he owns a weed company. Having a dope peddler for president is a glass ceiling I’d like to see broken.


I also looked into his record as governor of New Mexico and found a lot to like there, too. He lead bipartisan initiatives, got spending under control without fucking over the poor, and left the place in a better way than when he started. He is my guy and he will be getting my vote.

“But, but, but, but…not supporting Clinton is the same as supporting Trump.” Grow up you fucking child. It’s not the same thing at all. The only people saying so are terrified their shitty candidate is going to lose to an even shittier candidate.

The main reason to not vote for a third party candidate is to prevent syphoning votes from a candidate you believe is the lesser of two evils. This is only an issue in a battleground state. I am not in a battleground state, so fuck Clinton.


I reject her tired boomer Marxism, her optimism towards bureaucracy, her position on the 2nd Amendment, and I refuse to ignore the real and well documented scandals of her career.

And fuck Trump, too. His crassness is certainly intoxicating for the media, but the real concern is he has no real policy, no real experience, and no real values. He is dangerous not because of his views on illegal immigration or radical terrorism, but because he clearly does not know what the fuck it takes to run the world’s only superpower. This is not a time for on the job training. Putin will put his nuts on Trump’s face in the first 90 days and there will be nothing for him to do about it.

If you don’t want to see Trump as president, give more money to Clinton, and volunteer to call people in the close states. Don’t believe for a second it’s not going to be close because it is. But don’t be afraid to make a stand for a diverse future if that’s inline with your values.




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