Dream Schedule Staycation


Other than going home to New Orleans, I haven’t been on a real vacation in years. I have months of PTO saved up, but not enough money saved to do anything fun. What to do?

Earlier today I had an idea. I’m always going on about the Stephen King schedule; four hours of writing, four hours of reading. My dream schedule bookends the King schedule with weight lifting and some sort of martial arts. Right now I’m terrible at committing to all these things. I write about an hour a day, better than nothing, but nowhere near enough. Same with books. I do a lot of online reading, but that’s mostly political trash. I’ve been more inconsistent with training and I haven’t been on a mat in well over a year now.

The dream staycation would be seven days of the schedule I want to keep. Morning workout, reading, writing, and evening training. It’s sort of a self designed retreat, with the goal of seeing if I could even maintain that sort of pace.

I might be to try it out on my rapidly approaching birthday week or when I hit the halfway point for my 365 days of blogging, which will be August 16th. I’ll keep you posted if it starts to look more doable. I suspect Mrs. Lott and her ruthless workaholic agenda may be a strong interference, so I may have to go into a full retreat mode and hide somewhere. I wonder if there’s a cheap cabin I could hide out in?

Anyway, it’s been weird to have made it this far on the blogging challenge. I sort of thought something would have come from this by now, but nothing has. I guess I have a few funny posts, but nothing that’s really mind blowing. It affirms what I’ve long suspected about quality being superior to quantity.

This whole blogging project was based on The Artist’s Way, which is a program for creative self discovery. Each time I’ve worked through it, there’s been an almost magical shift in my life during it. I got into Berkeley, I started a new career as a copywriter, that sort of thing. It could be that this project has been too secular. The Artist’s Way is explicitly metaphysical.

Whether those forces are real or not doesn’t seem to matter. Tuning your mind to abundance and creativity appears to work well. I’ve been flipping through a copy of  The Lives of Saints recently and there is at the very least an aesthetic quality to dedicating your work to higher forces that could motivate a person creatively. After power watching four seasons of Vikings I’m halfway to converting to the worship of the old gods, though it would be easier to just go Catholic since I know more about that cult.

I often wonder how atheist Christopher Hitchens managed to do it. His output was always high and the quality of his writing was always solid. He had an internal fire that drove him. I wish mine burned like that. People definitely like to take issues with his conclusions, but I’ve never seen anyone of consequence or worthwhile opinion dismiss his actual craft.

Anyway, as is usual with blogging late, this has become intolerably solipsistic. Good night.



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