My Own Strength, And Nothing Else

king 1

I’ve been power watching the TV show Vikings instead of doing anything physically productive with my recovery downtime after my cadaver graft. This was a tremendous mistake. This morning I hit the gym for the first time in about ten days and it was disheartening to find myself still in “before picture” territory.

If I was fighting on the side of Ragnar Lothbrok, the hero of Vikings, I would undoubtedly be killed within the first few seconds of battle. In just ten days of inactivity I found myself smaller, weaker, and completely lost from the habit of early rising. The latter is perhaps the most insidious as this is what allows me to overcome the other two.

Next time I’m recovering from some injury or surgery or whatever, my plan is to wake up as if I was going to the gym and go there. Even if I’m just holding kettle bells in my hands to strengthen my grip, that is something. The habit must be maintained even if progress is not gained.



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