Ted Cruz’s Middle Finger


Ted Cruz is an evil ventriloquist’s dummy come to life. His ideas are progressive only for the Dark Ages. He wears his faith as a decoration like the Pharisees did. I do not like the man.

But what he did at the RNC took some guts. He stood in front of a mob and held his ground. He is no martyr, though. Trump attacked his family and he’s holding a grudge. I can respect that. Your family should be your number one priority and if anyone fucks with it you should be willing to burn them to the ground no matter what the cost.

Will it do any good? Probably not. Both parties have weaponized the anxieties of their bases. Each side has ignored the concerns of the opposition.  There is no compromise candidate. The Democrats are flying the flag of a criminal dynasty. The Republicans have summoned a demonic orange monstrosity and it has broken loose. The third parties are full of kooks and rejects. The libertarian candidate for senate in Florida, Augustus Sol Invictus, literally sacrificed a goat and drank its blood. Even my man Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, has issues.

If Trump loses, Ted’s calculated stand might win him some points with certain voters, but his party is fucked and must now pander to a frothing herd. Democrats will continue to gorge their useless thralls with heartfelt lies. The elections for senate and congress coming up should be excellent battlegrounds for third parties, but most are so disorganized and underfunded there’s no way they’ll triumph.

We are in for some bad times. There are jackals at the gates. Our citizens are weak and slothful. Our leaders are nothing but schills for corporations and grievance peddlers.

Anyone who wants out must make war on themselves first. Carve out all the weakness from your heart. Pry the deposits of calcified ideas from your brain. Become stronger than those who would control you. A chair and a whip is no match for fangs and claws. It’s a magic show. And magic is for kids and dullards.

After the devils take possession of the government in November, it’s time to get active near your own homes. Pick up trash. Make sandwiches for hobos. Help old people carry things. If you hear someone say something you know to be false, bludgeon them with the facts. If they persist in error, cut them off so their poisonous logic can’t infect you. Move on. Find doers on your wavelength.

They are out there. We are out there. You are out there.



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