Black Coffee, B12, and Beethoven


A successful break from the arms of Morpheus requires proper stimulants. I like to put my feet on the floor with a conqueror’s mindset, ready to crush the skull of weakness in my mighty grip.

For this, I need coffee.

Coffee has been a staple of my morning routine for well over 20 years. I average about 8-10 cups a day. I have two before I leave the house and a third when I get into the office. I have foolishly tried to face my addiction, but it always wins. The black cup will surely be a part of my life until I am killed by my enemies or ass cancer. Whichever gets me first.


I’ve been experimenting with two new stimulants recently. The first is a high dose of B-12 with my coffee in the morning. I got the idea from Red Bull. Though it tastes like what I imagine Optimus Prime’s urine to taste like, the energy drink doesn’t really have that much caffeine in it, but it’s loaded with B-12. Some say it’s the vitamins that really gives you the boost.

This mix seems to work really well. I found a bottle of B-12 at work and started doubling the dose when I drink my first cup of coffee in the office. At a certain point in the day I usually feel a volatile jitteriness from all the caffeine. Now I feel alert and noticeably mellower. I mean, there’s still that undercurrent of undying hostility I’ve come to expect from poisonous levels of caffeine, but there is now some level of the millennial mental  infirmity know as “chill.”

beethoven tape.jpg

The most interesting performance enhancer I’ve been using is classical music. I’ve always dabbled in the genre, but YouTube has made it really easy to find things I like. As a metal fan, I like big sounds, so it’s basically all Beethoven and Wagner for me.

I can’t listen to podcasts or music with lyrics when I write and I’m always looking for something to drown out the cursed sounds of our open office. I’m finding this music along with orchestral scores is just about perfect for getting into the writing zone. This is what Bukowski always listened to and that’s where I got the idea. So far, so good.





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