Reviving Old Interests


The past few weeks I’ve been digging back into some things I’ve always enjoyed: horror, metal, science fiction, and absurd manifestos about the occult. These pursuits have always felt deeply personal because I found them on my own, without other people showing me the way.

The original Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual gave me the beginning of a language to explore. I learned about litch kings and goblins and orcs. From there I found old mythology books in the library at school. I discovered ancient Greek and Viking gods. A whole world opened up for me.

For many years I stepped away from all this stuff and it has gone on without me just fine. You can see zombie shows on television. Ozzy had a reality show. Pornstars play D&D. Hot girls with tattoos read comics. It’s a weird new world and my 12 year old self would be happy to live in it.



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