Adventure with Friends Cures Nihilism


My dour outlook on life is somewhat peppered with a jubilance bolstered by enjoyment of the absurd, but I keep finding myself slipping into old attitudes. I’ve noticed a strong correlation between the blackening of my mood to when I become isolated from people. It’s easy for me to sit in a room, reading bleak philosophy, watching violent movies, and consuming numbing substances.

The news has been horrendous. The forces of darkness seem to be blitzkreiging their way into our hearts, dulling our sympathies, eradicating our hope. This is Ragnarok. Revelations is live. Kali Yuga surrounds us.

In all these apocalyptic tales there is solace in meeting face to face. Somewhere in the Bible it says “wherever two or more of you are gathered, there I am.” The old Norse tales are full of heroes filling ships together to find glory and earn a seat in the halls of Valhalla.

The best antidote I’ve found to melancholy and doom is activity with my friends. It doesn’t have to be a serious quest against demonic forces, but it should not be passive. It could be a hike. It could be a BBQ. Just get out there with people you like and do something that makes you happy. Do something active. Make it count. Don’t flake. Live.

If people really do hate us for our freedom or whatever, then we should be redlining that freedom. We should ache from laughter. Our faces should be lined from smiling. Our conversations should be memorable. Our deeds should be great. Our bonds should be unbreakable.



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