Horror Interests


Once my year is up with this blog, I’m pretty sure I’m going to shelve it. I’m going to do one of those self publishing services where I can make a physical book of the writing, make one for me and one for my mom, then put the thing on the shelf. I plan on deleting the entire project from the internet as soon as I have the book in my hand.

I believe there’s a difference between being a real writer and a blogger. Blogging is basically like jogging. Being a writer is, to my mind, like being an Olympian. My goal is to be a writer.


Where I’ve set my sights is the world of indie horror fiction. Right now I’m getting down a page a night of writing, most of it supernatural or sci-fi in origin. This is the type of stuff I love and it’s the type of stuff that actually sells. Right now none of what I’m writing is any good, with the exception of dialogue. I’ve always had an ear for it and it comes easy. That probably has a lot to do with me being a talker.

So what’s this stuff like you might ask? Well, it’s sort of punkish. Sort of dystopian. Kind of Kevin Smith meets Lovecraft with Stephen King sensibilities. May as well write, right?


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