The Fourth of July Fear

Photo on 7-4-16 at 11.57 AM

Our dogs are full of irrational fears. If the toilet bowl seat comes down too hard, bark loudly. If a foreign dog makes its way down the sidewalk, they will lash out without mercy from the comfort of their window ledge sun bathing spot. Fireworks? OH SHIT LORD PLEASE DON’T LET US DIE OH HUMAN SAVE US AND GIVE US SNACK HUGS. TONIGHT IS DOOM!

It turns out West Oakland is into Fallujah cosplay. Mortars and blackcats pop off, cars do donuts in the street, chopper bros rev their primitive engines to their own delight. The air is occasionally peppered with gunfire from automatic rifles none of Governor Jerry Brown’s bullshit laws will ever stop.

These are all noises I can appreciate to some degree, but our dumb little lap goblins are not having it. JJ, the little black Frenchie, is usually full of aggression and ready to fight. Tonight he has his little head buried into my hoodie. Nikki, the older yellow Frenchie, is panting frantically and seems like she may piss on the bed at any moment.

Yay for America.


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