The Movies in Your Head


A few years ago I watched about half of the film version of The Time Traveller’s Wife. It left almost no impression on me. Before my trip to New Orleans I picked the book up on a shelf we have at work where people leave things for other people to read.

I’m not really sure why I grabbed it, but I read it on my nightmare plane ride home. It’s a really great, imaginative book. There’s a lot more complexity than the movie displays and it’s much darker and far fuller of death and violence. Something I wasn’t expecting at all is how many good references there are to punk bands and good books.

Clive Owen is cool. 

The male lead, Henry DeTamble, is played by Erica Bana in the film. His wife, Clare Anne Abshire, is played by Rachel McAdams. I’ve always like both of those actors, but they would not have been my choice. In my mind, Henry is played by Clive Owen. The character is tough, resourceful, violent, passionate, and cruel when necessary. He is prone to sullenness and substance abuse, but comes through it all with some level of drive. At no point do you doubt his love for Clare. Owen’s intensity and ironic detachment, used perfectly in Children of Men, is just right for Henry.

Alyson Hannigan - Lockers
This is not how Alyson Hannigan usually looks, but it’ll work. 

I would cast Alyson Hannigan as Clare. She’s serviceably sexy and quirky. The character is supposed to be red haired, beautiful and an artist. I think she would also be a fairly unusual person to take the whole time travel thing in stride.

It has been a really long time since I’ve read any fiction, especially a book over 500 pages. There is so much pleasure in disappearing into the pages of a solid book, especially if you can knock it out in a day or two. I’ve always imagined actors I like playing the characters. This is one of the reasons I haven’t really been able to get into AMC’s Preacher as much as I would like. Jesse Custer and Tulip are not even close to my imaginary casting, though Cassidy is just about perfect.

I have quite a few non-fiction books to smash through (freelance research and personal), but I think I’m going to make more time for fiction. It really pulls you away from the drudgery and stress of life. I could definitely use that these days.

Neil Gaiman knows a thing or two about books.





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