Surviving the Brexit


iron maidenI know this sounds crazy, but the world did not end yesterday. Despite what the global banking elite would have you believe, the world is not going into a free fall death spiral just because England bounced.

The same number of pints of Newcastle were drank. The same number of chimneys were swept. Just as many orders of fish & chips were ate. The reason why the markets went crazy is the reptilians running the banks hate uncertainty and prefer a more homogenous global economy because it’s easier to control. Europe still has to trade with England. Money will still exchange hands. Everything will be fine.

If it’s not? Fuck ’em. Honestly, I’ve always kind of hated the English. They come to this country on vacation, drink in our bars, and pretend not to understand tipping. And who still  has a fucking monarchy in the 21st century? It’s the government equivalent of drum brakes.




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