Morning Workouts



When you workout in the morning your real goal is to step outside in your gear. The test of will is throwing back the covers and hitting the cold floor with your bare feet. I know if I’m standing outside in shorts, the battle is mostly won. Getting to the gym and lifting is just cake.

I love to leave the house when the sun is coming up. It feels like you have an edge on the world. When you get to your desk at work, it feels like you have a secret. When you’ve already done the hardest thing you’ll do all day, everything else is easy.

It makes it easy to say  no to the office donuts and meeting pizza. When you wake up early, your will gets stronger. Since no one is up, no one’s agenda can highjack yours. Nothing stands in the way except your inner bitch. Every time you make it out the door that little creep gets weaker.




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