Goodbye, James Bond. Hello, James Bond.


I’ve been a fan of the James Bond franchise since I was a small boy. My dad took me to see one of the terrible Roger Moore Bond films, A View to a Kill, and I was forever hooked. Girls, guns, gadgets and cars. What’s not to like?

Daniel Craig was by far my favorite Bond. He brought physicality and toughness to the role, replacing the smirky goofiness of probably the worst Bond, Pierce Brosnan. I was a fan from the opening fight scene in Casino Royale.


But as all Bonds have, Craig has chosen to retire from the role. The two names at the top of the blogger speculations lists are Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston. I think they’d both be pretty great at the gig.

Some morons are opposed to Elba on account of his ethnicity. This is rubbish. Elba is English, handsome, looks good in a suit, and can command physical roles. I’m not a fan of switching genders and races of characters for political brownie points or as a gimmick, but there is simply no reason I see that Bond needs to be white. He just needs to be plausibly English. The actor should bring boarding school menace and tasteful lethality to Bond. I think Elba can pull it off.

The only issue I see with the choice is if the studio decides to make the casting choice political.  I think you could make a great spy film dealing with racial issues, but I think Hollywood would probably fuck it up and interfere Elba’s chance to put his stamp on the role.

black bond

Hiddleston is a solid choice as well and I imagine he’d bring a bit of that Sean Connery wise-cracking into the character. Hopefully Taylor Swift won’t destroy his soul.

My personal top choice would be Michael Fassbender. He was tremendous in last year’s Macbeth and he does fairly well with the action stuff when you consider his performances in the corny as fuck X-Men franchise and the gloriously violent homoerotic masterpiece, 300.


I just got finished watching Spectre, the last of Craig’s Bond films. The settings, clothing, symmetry, and sequences of that film are great. I hope the next crack at it is as solid. Of course, anything has to be better than those shit Pierce Brosnan movies.



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