Don’t Believe the Hype


When someone tells you they know the will of god you’re talking to a liar. They don’t. No one does. He or she or it or whatever has never spoken to a single person on this planet. Those old books are full of ugly lies and beautiful poetry.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything out there. Whatever true spirit might run this universe would be as unknowable to us as a Porsche 918 Spyder would be to an actual spider. Religions are just made up operating systems designed to keep the raw and primitive urges of slightly evolved primates in order. Some of them are less terrible than others, but none of them are true because they were invented just after humans figured out fire.


I’m done being quiet when I hear someone say some bullshit. I’m done pretending reverends and imams and rabbis and gurus should be listened to. Fuck every single one of them. These cretins dress like sorcerers in the 21st century and tell us stories that do nothing more than divide us and keep us scared. If your church does anything other than care for the poor and help kids, find another one.

No one has a better idea than you do about what’s on the other side. No one is right. Bow to no one. If you need to look up to someone, buy a fucking Tony Robbins book. If you follow that advice you’ll at least make a little more money and be nicer.


All this fucking extremism is what happens when bored stupid people run into fast talking dickheads who’ve memorized Bronze Age fairy tales. This is weaponized belief and it needs to be wiped out completely. It needs to be stopped. The legions of mouth breathing radicals out there will follow anything, so the answer is to strike down their leaders. All of them. Every single robed, collared, special hat wearing prick on this Earth needs to be imprisoned.

Start with the worst first. They’re all liars, but it would be a lie to say they were all equal in their odiousness. We all know who the shit heads are. They cut off people’s heads and show up to soldier’s funerals with hateful signs. All they understand is the black hearted prose of their sinister old books. There is no place in the world for these people.







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