Sunday Advice Column #15


If you’ve seen the news already today you know at least 50 people have been killed in a nightclub in Orlando. Because journalism is absolute fuckery, be prepared to experience dueling headlines attempting to place the blame into pre-made agenda narratives. I’ve already seen Leftist outlets trying to make it about gun control. The Right is firing up their anti-immigrant bat signal as we speak.

Yes, a rifle and handgun were used, but that doesn’t make this crime unique. Chicago’s child soldiers are out there every weekend murdering each other with easily purchased firearms.

Yes, it appears a radicalized muslim carried out the attack. That doesn’t mean you should attack people wearing headscarves. Especially if they’re Sikhs. That’s not even the same religion. But it’s probably going to happen somewhere thanks to our density of morons.

Here’s my advice for today: don’t be a dick and don’t turn off your brain. It’s obvious that this attack was carried out by a loser with a Bronze age operating system. He doesn’t represent the entire religion, but lone wolf Islamic terrorism is real. Anyone who says it isn’t is an idiot. There will be more of it and more people will die.

Try to be kind, but be ready to fight for what and who you love. There are assholes everywhere.



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