Minimalism and the Desire for Stuff

Basically what I wish my loft looked like. 

When I left New Orleans for San Francisco, all I owned was a vintage knockoff Vespa, called a Bajaj (fitted with a legit Vespa P200 motor with mixed cases, broken in at redline for 1000 miles) and a West German Army backpack stuffed with jeans and black t-shirts.

In the last 16 years I’ve actually accumulated very little in the way of possessions. The biggest pile of dead weight I have is a small, but steadily growing library. There is almost noting I own, other than photographs, I’d be sad to see go in a fire.

Yeah, I used this pic the other day, but the ICON Jeep rules. 

This sort of minimalism isn’t very difficult to maintain because I don’t really have that many hobbies other than reading, writing, and going to the gym. Basically all I’d need to live a super lean version of my life would be a kettlbell and a library card.

But lately I’ve been obsessing over design and trying to reconfigure my personal aesthetic. Both pursuits are doing a little more damage to my bank account than I’d hoped. It turns out super minimal, matte black, high-quality stuff is really expensive. That means one thing. I’m going to have to make more money.

Did I need a $50 tactical pen? Yes I did. 



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