Fuck the Vote


All a vote for your favorite presidential sociopath does is prove to the media and the corporations who own these shit bags that you’re still willing to believe in this horseshit. They get and stay rich because you show up at their rallies, deface your cars with their propaganda, and destroy relationships with your neighbors over the flimsiest tribal identities ever manufactured. It’s all a farce and you are buying a bullshit product.

What you buy day in and day out has way more effect on the world than whoever’s fucking interns in the Oval Office. How you act to the people you cross in the street matters. Jerking off to an old man at a rally does not. If you post about Hillary more than you tell your significant other you love them, that doesn’t make you political, it makes you a virtue signaling cunt. Voting for Trump means you are destined to be a drone like Warboy riding all shiny and chrome for Immortan Joe.


We shouldn’t know about or care about the people in office. They should not be celebrities.  Your relationship to these crooks should be the same as your relationship to the regional president of the utility company. Are the lights on? Is the bill reasonable? Great. Carry the fuck on in obscurity. It’s what bureaucrats are supposed to do.

Is there a war on? How about we get someone who fought for the country to be in charge. Economy in the shitter? Sounds like a job for an economist who has actually run a successful business or NGO. All these super twats running for president really know how to do is compete in popularity contests, raise money, and manipulate people. They’d be right at home in Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley metaphor is solid. Each candidate is essentially peddling their own version of vaporware. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, here’s a handy definition: “software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed.”

Most times vaporware never actually becomes anything. It’s a scam. Obama’s hope-and-change-you-can-sort-of-believe-in-I-guess was vaporware. Whatever these kooks vying for your loyalty are promising you is vaporware. Unless of course you’re a big donor who would benefit from a few shifts in the law or a convenient war. If that’s you, then you’re getting bespoke services and a gentle reach around. Congratulations on being rich.


Presidential campaigns are as worthless as anything I’ve ever seen. It’s like a nationwide Kickstarter for bad ideas. Whoever gets funded, gets to win. It’s that simple. You aren’t watching debates, you’re watching telethons for war pigs and their mouth breathing constituents. That’s how it’s always been.

Welcome to Kali Yuga fuck face.



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