Point Break Live is Great


Readers, I’m keeping this one short on account of a full evening of entertainment. Tonight I’m headed out to the theater with Mrs. Lott and some friends. This is no high-brow excursion though. No, sir.

We’re going to see Point Break Live, which is, if the title is confusing, a live version of the cinematic masterpiece, Point Break. It’s played for laughs with low budget sets, fake blood sprayed into the audience, and each night Keanu’s Johnny Utah is played by an audience member chosen by the crowd. It’s a hoot.

Skydiving plays a major role in the plot. 

This will be my fourth time seeing it. I truly love the movie and I’ve always had a passion for low-brow theater. Theater, unlike most movies, always feels electric and dangerous to me. What if someone fucks up? What if there’s a wardrobe malfunction? How do people remember all those lines?

If you’re lucky enough to play Keanu at Point Break Live, the dialog thing isn’t a worry. Johnny Utah is hustled around the stage by a helper who prompts the “actor” with cue cards. The shit is super funny.



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