The Age of Weaponized Trolling


I’ve just about had it with the internet. Each day there’s a new failure elevated to international importance and battled over by over and undereducated masses of meaning deficient assholes with internet connections. These pseudo-conversational skirmishes go nowhere because hell is other people’s half baked opinions made visible through the power of computers.

Social media is basically  what would happen if telepathy and diarrhea had a baby and then it was raised by the ghost of Kanye West’s forseskin. Just about everyone, including myself, is to blame for this turd storm of weak thought and overly aggressive virtue signaling. The more of this hypershitty junk knowledge you absorb, the dumber you get.

Wisdom from the classic film Wargames. 

I’m beginning to think the only antidote to this globalized mood poison is to shatter the web and let people go back to having to deal with and focus on the humans most proximate to them. Turn that sad face emoji you posted over some unknown refugee into actual concern for the urban outdoorsman currently dying of cirrhosis in your alleyway.

And look, it’s cool if you don’t give a shit about the fellow denizens of your particular rotting necropolis. Most people don’t make it easy. Just stop walking over them to express concern over something you never even would’ve heard about 15 years ago.

I think it’s important to be up on current events, but there is a point where your mental septic tank backs up and starts fouling up your soul. That’s where I’m at right now.

My psychic shitter is officially full.



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