Sunday Advice Column #13



We’re coming up on Memorial Day and the first piece of advice I’d like to offer this week has to do with our nation’s soldiers. Everything we do here in this country from the cowardly to the courageous was made possible by soldiers who were willing to die for the idea that this place could be a shining example for the rest of the world.

You might wish America was Mexico again. You might wish it was fascist Mayberry from coast to coast. No matter where you fall in that spectrum there are men and women, alive and dead, who payed a price for you to hold your absurd, solipsistic beliefs.

My advice is for you to do something on an individual level for someone who is currently serving or is a veteran. You could buy someone coffee at Starbucks. You could anonymously pick up a tab. Marine sticker on a truck at Jiffy Lube? Pay for that shit. If you don’t know any soldiers, break off a little bit from your bankroll and donate to something like Hire Heroes USA, an organization that finds work for vets.

You don’t have to like war. You’re just doing something nice. It’s not political. It’s decent.

Now for your questions.


My Significant Other is not a horror fan, but is interested in giving it a try. What are some good movies to start with? 

Mrs. Lott grew up attractive, so she never got into nerd stuff. A few years ago I decided it was time for her to learn about sci-fi and horror. There was no hope for sci-fi, but she was down with horror.

Go with really funny or really well respected, classic titles first. Things like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby are just great movies. They’re also period pieces now. Half the fun of watching them is checking out the costumes and the sets.

Evil Dead 2 is fun because it’s funny. Avoid splatter punk stuff that’s just gore for the sake of gore at first.


What’s a lesson people learn too late in life?

Money matters and you will need more of it than you think when you’re old. Get out of debt and start saving now. Unless you enjoy the idea of being a government dependent living in poverty.

These kids had no chance and no backup plan. Not all of them made it out alive.

My kid wants to be a musician, what should I do? 

Music is great. Being an aging loser in a shitty band is not. If your kid is interested in music and you have the means, get them lessons or online programs to help them develop their talent. It does great things for children’s brains to learn how to play music.

You’ll know pretty early on if the kid has what it takes to make it. Other than a few freak show acts, you need to be able to play really well to sell albums. Make sure your kid reads the biographies of great musicians so they know what it takes. Great art can’t be made with a safety net. If they decide to go that route, you have to let them crash.

Even though I rarely eat animals, these are my favorite restaurant people of all time. 

Where’s the best BBQ in the Bay Area?

There isn’t any. If you want a good sandwich made with meat, go to Clove & Hoof in Oakland. It’s the best.

What movies make men cry? 

There are only two that I can think of two. The Shawshank Redemption and Rudy.



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