Be Like Chewbacca Mask Lady

Chewbacca that ass up.

If you haven’t already seen the incredibly viral video of the mom who bought herself a Chewbacca mask, take a few minutes and do so. It’ll bring joy to your life, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be usefully diagnostic, alerting you to a serious case of cuntiness you might want to address with jungle drugs.

Here’s the video for your enlightenment:

People need to do more of this shit for themselves. Other people are not responsible for making you happy. That’s your job chummo. If you have endogenous happiness, you will improve the vibe when people are around you. Who knows, you’re goofy aura might be able to remove some twisted pagan curse off some grump?

There’s this writing book I really like called The Artist’s Way. It’s kind of a self help book for blocked creatives. It’s a very simple therapeutic program that I’ve found to be very powerful for moving into a more creative direction.

Like all self-help stuff I actually like, it’s very simple. You write everyday and you do something fun, just for yourself once a week. The writing part is called “The Morning Pages.” It’s a practice where you sit somewhere quiet, first thing in the morning, and bang out three handwritten pages of whatever happens to pop into your mind. It could be a rant. It could be word salad. It might be the next Twilight novel.

What this does is loosen you up, kind of primes the pump. When you’re in the habit of writing daily. it’s easier to get started. This daily writing in the morning more or less cured me of writer’s block. I’ve had a ton of freelance and have been published more in the last 18 months than I have in the previous 18 years. It all started with this practice. This blog is a version of the practice.

I am aware that it makes me a bad person, but I find this hilarious.

The other thing you’re supposed to do is called an “Artist’s Date.” You pick a day each week where you will go and do something by yourself that will enrich your creative life. You don’t invite anyone and you keep to to yourself. Something you might not normally make time for is best. Some of the Artist’s Dates I’ve taken myself on have been a solo picnic with Fatted Calf Charcuterie, seeing a rare books exhibit at the SF Library, going to the Jewish Museum to see a Houdini exhibit, rock climbing, and running across San Francisco in a day (it’s pretty easy).

The Artist’s Date’s purpose is to give you fuel for your imagination. Things that take you out of your routine are best. You want to do something so good that when someone asks you what you’ve been up to, you can tell them something other than “oh so busy, like crazy” when all you’ve really been doing is surfing the internet during unnecessary meetings. Keep in mind though, these are for you, not an audience.

The Chewbacca Mask Lady took herself on an awesome date. It had al the right features. It was simple. It was silly. It made her laugh hysterically. And let time I checked like 60 million people have watched her laugh. Incredible.

If you haven’t taken yourself someplace recently, it’s totally worth doing. If you’ve got a wife or some other dependents, it can be hard to escape for yourself. I recommend lying to them. You’re going to the office. There’s some paper work at the DMV you had to take care of. Oh shit, didn’t you have a dentist appointment?

This is the only time you get to ride this oblate spheroid that’s hurtling through space with the universe’s only sentient life on it. Do what you want. Unless of course if what you like is gang banging. Although, who am I to judge? If you like gang banging, just use a condom.



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