You’ll Never Figure Life Out


There is no career that was made for you. There is no thing you’re supposed to be. There is no formula for true happiness. There are well worn paths, but nothing is really certain. You could be a by-the-books dentist or accountant, save your whole life, and get ass cancer in your 40s.

The best thing you can do is be honest about what you want and go after it as hard as you can. You could be like me and want to live in the library of your own castle in the woods, free of ugly and stupid people. You might want a Porsche. Perhaps threesomes with underwear models are your thing.

It has to be something that motivates you. It could be really dumb. You may never get it. That doesn’t really matter, though. It’s the pursuit that makes you. This might seem a tad negative, but it’s really not. It means that even when you fail, no matter how chronic a loser you are, regardless of how little your parents did to set you up for life, you can be moving in the right direction.

I believe it is the height of moral action to be your best self. A stronger version of yourself is more useful to the weak. A smarter version of yourself is more helpful to the stupid. When you achieve something, even something small, people will take notice.



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