Politics is a Dreary Business


I’m trying to keep to my plan of not writing about the election, but it’s been tempting. All bloggers become obsessed with page views and mine are way higher when I’m shitting on the turds we have running for 2016.

I’ve still been reading about what’s going on, but now that I’m not really writing about it, I feel a bit better. I imagine if I went on a complete media fast, I’d be in an even happier place. Nothing I do or read between now and November will change the outcome in any way. So fuck it. I’m not even going to follow this shit actively anymore.

Fuck all the parties, even those third party losers. If they got in, they’d be just as shitty. Fuck Clinton’s lying ass. Fuck Trump’s bullshit. Most of all, fuck Bernie Sanders and his bird.

None of these people are going to save you. None of them will make America great. The non-existent arc of justice will continue its death spiral until a comet or weaponized herpes kills us all. I’m going to sleep now. I need it.



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