Brain is Done Today

red dawn

I sat down about 20 minutes ago to write this blog and it has been a chore. I’ve started ands topped four or five different pieces. The abandoned topics include: Red Dawn, why hunger strikes don’t work, zoology in board games, and my personal history of starting and stopping Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It’s possible I’ll be returning to some of these topics at a later date, but for now it’s nap time. Today was my first real attempt at a double workout day and I’m blown out. I feel pretty good about the effort, but I’m pretty beat down.

The early morning workout was a 3×5 squat session at a truly shameful 155 lbs. As light as that is, my strength is coming fast, even though I’ve been taking it pretty slow on my return to lifting. The metabolic conditioning to close that workout involved a high speed nightmare session of pull-ups, lunges, and sprinting.

Later in the afternoon I ran with my office’s running group at a 9:30/min pace for just under 4 miles. I also rode my bicycle for 4 miles, but commute efforts don’t count.

If you’ve read this far, I apologize for the lameness of this entry. The only thing more boring than hearing about someone’s workout routine is hearing about someone’s dreams. If this workout talk is interesting to any of you, I’m thinking about doing a monthly training article where I discuss whatever crazy shit I’m up to.

The high carb vegan diet has been going great and I’ve really been enjoying the results I’m getting at Crossfit East Bay. They run a pretty straightforward program that would be solid for just about anyone. My goal is to keep hitting that in the morning and layering in something else in the evening. Right now I’d like that to be some kind of martial arts, but I’m also open to a yoga practice or even some trail runs while the light is still good.



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