Mayweather Vs McGregor is Stupid


Floyd Mayweather is currently sitting on an unprecedented 49-0 record. He says he’s retired, but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t like to see that number roll over to a sweet 50-0. The big question is, “who would be a good fight for the big five oh?”

Pay-per-view numbers for this fight would probably be exceptionally large with the right opponent. The only problem is there kind of isn’t anyone left to fight inside boxing. To my mind, Canelo Alvarez was the last serious threat and that was a typical Mayweather clinic. Haters say Mayweather’s style is  super boring. Those people are idiots. He is a master and no one has been able to stop him from doing what he does.

I get it though. There’s an absolute pleasure to the spectacle of watching two men wailing on each other, letting it all hang out. That said, to appreciate Mayweather you have to know what you’re looking at. You have to know what boxing is and you have to know what it takes to play the game Mayweather plays. No one has done his style better.

Rocky 3 is critically underrated.

There are some rumors flying around the Internet right now that Mayweather hasn’t give a firm “no” to the possibility of fighting the UFC’s Connor McGregor. This is an absolutely stupid fight that will never happen. But both fighters are masters of promotion and know keeping their name in the media will help future pay days. This is an effective strategy I can appreciate. And even though it’s never going to happen, it’s fun to think about. Sort of like in the old days when people would speculate who would win in a fight between Glen Danzig and Henry Rollins.


If the match is pure boxing, Mayweather will destroy McGregor. Nate Diaz just showed what a superior boxer looks like against McGregor and that was not the Irish fighter’s best moment. McGregor is excellent at the different aspects of fighting, but he doesn’t have the hands for Mayweather. Almost no one does.

If the rules open up to anything involving kicks or the ground, McGregor will simply impose his will with head kicks, takedowns and Jiu-Jitsu. I would absolutely love to see McGregor land that spinning Capoeira kick one day. If he decapitated Mayweather with it, you’d have one of the all time great knockouts.

That Reebok deal is really fucking up a great sponsorship opportunity.

As far as I know, Mayweather hasn’t focused any training on ground fighting. McGregor’s Jiu-Jitsu could stand to be better, but I think it would be more than enough to end Mayweather. As the big money player with everything to lose, I can’t imagine Mayweather would agree to anything except a pure boxing match. If there was ever an MMA fighter with the balls to take on that challenge, it would be McGregor, though.

I don’t see Mayweather knocking McGregor out in early rounds. It could come down to a TKO in round 5 or 6. Ultimately it doesn’t matter  what I think because this shit isn’t happening. There’s probably a better chance of an oil wrestling match between Ronda Rousey and McGregor at 145 lbs. I would definitely pay to see that.

mayweather king
I could be wrong, check out the hidden Illuminati message in this photo.




There’s always talk about


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