It’s Too Nice Outside to Blog

ar guy

I’m going to keep this one super short because it’s probably the nicest day I’ve seen since I moved away from Techno Mordor to the jolly dystopia of West Oakland. If you live in the area, seriously, put down whatever you’re reading this on and get the fuck outside.

What does the picture above have to do with anything? Look how happy that man looks. He’s in a nice bathroom with a funny shirt and a very nice looking AR-15. Everyone should aspire to be so happy. Especially when you’re trolling out in the real world like this proud Second Amendment supporter.

If I had a rifle, I’d be out at the range today. Shooting is super fun. People who hate guns never get this. Shooting is like a combination of archery (which many people seem to love thanks to The Hunger Games) and fireworks. What’s better than that?


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