Vegan Update: 60 Days In

bone tomahawk

I’m about 60 days or so into a fully vegan diet. I’ve only had a single cheat, a cupcake at my friend’s wedding. The particular brand of veganism I’ve been rocking is the high carb, low fat version popularized by vegan psychos Freely and Durianrider.

My blood work looks great, I feel really energetic, and I’ve been making all kinds of gainz at Crossfit. We’ll see if I’m able to gain as much raw strength as I’d like, but so far I’m very pleased with my recovery and aerobic conditioning. If I can stay as lean as I am now while adding 10 lbs of muscle on, I’ll consider this a strong success.

Despite having no oil in my diet, including all the various supplement snake oils people love to recommend, my brain has not become foggy and I haven’t developed any bullshit fake diseases like leaky gut or panda nuts. I’ve long suspected all that stuff was bullshit.

Other than the restriction on animal products and low-fat, I’m eating large amounts of foods I really like: fruit, potatoes, tortillas, beans, rice, green vegetables, and juice. My first meal of the day is my Mega Shake, about 1000 calories of sweet, high carb fruit and oats blended up. It fills up about 3/4 of the Vitamix. This is essentially the exact opposite of that new super Atkins diet (ketogenic).

In around 30 days I will have completed my original 90 day commitment. I might have a Philly Cheeseteak at Clove & Hoof, but I imagine I will stay eating this way for a while. It’s super easy, pretty cheap, and requires almost no cooking since I don’t go in for those gross ass fancy vegan recipes that mimic meat dishes. I only really like basic ass whole food in its most natural state. Despite great success on a vegan diet, I’ve never hated vegan products as much. Vegan restaurants are worthless and all the shit junk food people Instagram is exactly the kind of food you should be eating if becoming skinny fat is your goal.

It should also be noted that I am consuming large amounts of calories, between 3K and 5K, but I’ve actually been having trouble keeping weight on. My goal weight is 160 lbs, but I can barely crack 150 lbs right now. I could add in calorie dense foods like coconut oil, but I find the fat intake makes me feel sluggish. I really notice it in my legs while I’m riding my bike.

Anyway, so far so good with the vegan thing.



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