The Punisher is the Hero of Now


I fucking hate taggers. The urge to throw up a shitty, squiggly, unreadable mark on someone else’s shit is one I’ll never understand. Sure, I like the bigger scale murals or even some of the large sloppy bubble tags, but not the shit that looks like Michael J. Fox’s autograph.

Yesterday on my ride to work I saw one of these worthless scribblers writing his corny moniker on a trash can. The dude looked like he worked at Pixar or one of the businesses in the area. Plaid shirt, fancy shoes that look like Converse but aren’t, and a laptop backpack. If this was some kid, I could understand it, but a grown ass man? It makes no sense. I seriously hope he gets one of those river parasites that swims up your pee hole and starts chewing on the delicate bits.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw him was, “I would love to see the Punisher beat the fuck out of that guy right now.” Lately, the fantasy answer to all my irritations is “send the Punisher.”


Jon Bernthal is the newest Punisher. His version of the character appears in the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil. He’s less brooding than some of the older film versions. I’d say it’s a rawer portrayal. Like he’s an exposed nerve with a machine gun.

His backstory is more or less the same as the comics: he’s a vet and some bad guys killed his family. In this series he’s a veteran of the recent Middle Eastern conflicts. His family is murdered by some Hell’s Kitchen based baddies. So he does what he does. Kill everyone.

So far, the Punisher is not really a hero. Daredevil tries to stop him from killing everything that moves, helps catch him, and eventually tries to defend him in court (as Matt Murdoch, his alter ego). The try to mobilize an insanity defense of sorts, but the Punisher is not having it. He’s not crazy, he’d do it again, and he’d enjoy it just as much as he did the first time.

I think what’s most appealing about the Punisher for me is that he actually doesn’t have any real super powers. He’s just means as fuck, trains hard, and has enough of people’s shit. Now that’s what’s up.



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