The Daily Practice

IMG_6706On the advice of the always inspiring Seth Godin, I have decided to commit to writing a daily blog. I’m not setting word count goals or forcing things into categories. All that I’m trying to do is get some sentences strung together. It’s my hope that after some time I will have clearer thoughts and some people who find their way here may find  value.

Here is the first of hopefully many daily entries.

This morning I started reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s the fourth book in the series and the one most people feel begins to push the series in a more Sirius direction (see what I did there?). The reason I mention it is I want to talk about something I really quite love about this series. When a problem presents itself, the young wizards tend to do one of two very smart things: they consult a mentor or look for a book with answers.

I love research, especially if it involves very old books, but I’m often very slow to consult other people in person. Mostly I don’t want to bother them, which is odd because I love when people bother me about the things I know.



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