My favorite kind of day is one where I don’t have to do anything in particular. There’s always something that needs doing, but it’s nice when you feel like you have some agency or a chance to slack off. I actually managed to clean the whole loft and take the dogs out a few times. The rest of the day is going to be spent watching old seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. Why the hell not?

I’m under four months on this blog thing till I can stop. And oh what a day that will be. Hell, I might even keep writing, just to put a little English on it. I wonder how the last thirty days will go. I could become super inspired. Maybe something will go viral. Probably not, though.



The nerdosphere is a buzz with news about 2018’s untitled young Han Solo movie having cast it’s Lando Calrissian. Actor, comedian, writer, and rapper Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino will be playing the role made famous by Billy Dee Williams. I think it’s probably a pretty decent choice.

I’m a big fan of Glover’s FX show Atlanta. It’s about semi-homeless slacker who tires to become his cousin’s manager. The cousin is a drug dealer turned up and coming rapper with a single radio hit, but lots of potential.

The show doesn’t go for obvious laughs, it’s weirdly paced and accesses humor and sadness the way a Louis C.K. show does. The strangeness of the show displays itself with touches like secret rooms in club, spoof commercials, non-sequitur dialog, and dream sequences. Glover said he wanted to make a black version of Twin Peaks. I think it would be hard to find direct influence from Twin Peaks, but there is a melancholy wistfulness to the show.

Glover’s music (as Childish Gambino) is pretty interesting. It’s kind of in the neighborhood of Kanye, production-wise, but lyrically it’s wholly his. He’s a dude who decided to take very solid MC skills and speak about his own experience. He displays braggadocio without any false-thuggery. I can’t  imagine too many rappers wanting to fuck with him lyrically.

So, I’m stoked on this pick for Lando. Glover is a cool guy with a lot of talent and I like what he makes. That said, this video shows who really should be Lando.


Yesterday, instead of watching the corny ass debates, I went into the city to go climbing with some friends at Dogpatch Boulders. It’s been a few years since I’ve been bouldering with any regularity, but I was pleased to be able to climb all the V2s I tried and even one V3. Back when I was climbing often, I didn’t do much better than that.

After my PR on the Tiburon half marathon, without training, I’m starting to feel like there’s something to my minimalist approach to fitness. I haven’t felt like going into the gym, so I’ve just been doing some very light calisthenics at home. Things like weighted pull-ups, handstands, pushups, pistol-squats, and leg raises. Nothing crazy. Maybe a few kettlebell swings here and there. Maybe some yoga stretches if I’m feeling stiff.

I never really go to failure, and I don’t really even do tons of sets. I do full range of motion and actually move pretty slow through the movement. Diet-wise I’ve been eating almost all vegan stuff with a balanced, but not too rigid macronutrient ratio. Again, nothing special. I just take a few minutes a few times a day to move with a little more intensity than is necessary.

I think this sort of lazy protocol could be expanded on for average people who just want to improve a little bit and not get any flabbier. No one is going to be killing it in competition doing things this way, but that’s not what most people are doing anyway. Most of the programs and exercise modalities out there are built for extreme performers and professionals on Mexican & Chinese supplements.

This sort of lazy daily activity should be supplemented with outdoor social athletics: trail runs with friends, pick-up basketball, kayaking. Things that are challenging, but fun and adventurous.

I’m sure I’ll want to head back to the gym eventually, but I haven’t wanted to, and the surest way to hate something is to do it when you’re not feeling it.


The more I look into it, the more the O’Keefe bird-dogging video seems to check out. You’d think the major media would be reporting on it, at least to attempt to continue discrediting O’Keefe.

It’s hard to not think conspiratorially when this video has millions of views, seems to be a sensation amongst half the country, yet isn’t trending on any social media sites. Think about it, the big nerdy dude in the red sweater from the last debate was trending within an hour of his appearance on TV.

Every single other opportunity to aggressively fact check Trumpkins gets taken. Why wouldn’t this?

I’m sure we’ll get some explanation shortly.

The only major news stories about it are from Sean Hannity (of course) and  CNN, who are attempting to distance the main campaign from Scott Foval, the man at the center of the video. This guy could be a kook, but he’s a known progressive activist who contributes to Huffington Post and he has definitely received Democrat funding.

Unless he’s some sort of insane loan wolf media operative, it means someone, maybe not a Clinton high-up, but someone, hired provocateurs to incite violence at Trump rallies.

And yes, I’m totally aware of the credibility of the video’s producer. It’s for sure true O’Keefe edited his ACORN expose video to make the interviewees look worse (which is essentially what The Daily Show does). And his hit on Planned Parenthood certainly caused that organization trouble.
Now look, I know I have a bunch of friends that consider any attack on Planned Parenthood to be something like treason to feminism. It’s easy to see why.
Facts are facts, though. They for sure donate fetal tissue for medical testing, something I’m definitely not against if it actually saves lives or aids medical breakthroughs. Some of the organizations that get this tissue seem to donate back to Planned Parenthood. Is this “buying dead babies?” No, but it’s an arrangement a lot of people are not comfortable with. Those folks rightfully might ask, “if it was all kosher, why conceal the practice in the first place?”
It’s also reasonable to ask, “if this hard core operative actually paid protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies, what else did he do?”
It makes me think about the narrative of aggressive “Bernie Bros.” I never met or saw one in real life, but the Clinton machine pushed that story hard while simultaneously doing everything possible to shit on Bernie’s campaign. Were “Bernie Bros” potentially operatives as well? Who knows? But, if true, this video reveals anything is possible.
Are the other guys doing the same thing? Probably. After all, Michael Moore is releasing his own Trump documentary. We’re going to get a masterclass in creative editing from him, but he’ll likely uncover some legit dark shit, too.
This appears to be politics as usual for everyone. It’ll be interesting if it shows up in the debates tonight. I hate that these crooks have normalized conspiracy theories.
What a country.


My possessions always seem to be worn down and worn out. The nicest thing I own is probably my grandmother’s 1963 Gibson Hummingbird, but even it has some scratches and dings. All my books are dog eared and marked up. I’m hard on stuff.

Mrs. Lott bought me a nice Louis Vuitton wallet a long time ago. It’s been chewed up by dogs, washed countless times, and twice run over by cars. There’s just no stopping entropy.

Stuff doesn’t matter much to me, I’d rather have the free time it takes to get the money for it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to have things. I’d love to have a new motorcycle or a nicer pair of boots. I’ve had my eye on a Smith & Wesson 686 revolver for months now.

Hell, I’ve wanted a 24K gold skull ring for years, it just never fits into the budget.

People who know us, know we’re big fans of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. It’s a simple financial plan that gets you out of debt and builds wealth. But you have to stick to it. Sometimes it’s hard as hell to stay on target.

Getting out of debt was a lot easier than where we’re at right now. When you’re crawling out of the red, you have one goal: kill debt. It’s an easy enemy to hate, like the Nazis. When you start getting things in order and you’re building wealth, it gets tougher. Putting away 15% for retirement is brutal when you’re solidly middle class and you don’t want to cook at home again. For me, the biggest thrill of a restaurant is you don’t have to do the dishes.

I don’t doubt we will be in good shape in a few years. We dicked around for a long time and it’s catchup time. That means no cool pistols or old trucks or wild nights or anything fun. At least for the rest of 2016.

Thank god for Netflix and free weed.


West Oakland skies are clear. The moon shines hard. Lighting up corners where the lazy streetlights don’t push back against angular nooks and crannies where no light gets in. Blacked out houses and shadows cast by industrial real estate make more of the dark.

It’s quiet like the country. Until you hear an old man pushing his things, the sound is almost like a ghost rattling his chains in a haunted house. The streets are full of spirits, supernatural and fermented.

Sometimes there’s the sharp bark of an argument. Loud booze voices split the night like parchment cracking. The wind is standing still. With the right eyes it looks like a movie set where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might fight the Foot Clan.



It is raining hard in West Oakland right now. Our roof is flat, so the sound is big. It’s almost like being outside. This rain washes the streets and makes it feel renewed. I wonder what the week will bring?

The questions begin.

My coworkers are offended because I will not participate in potlucks. I don’t eat from other people. Am I being irrational?

I don’t know what you mean by, “I don’t eat from other people.” Unless you’re a farmer or a hunter or something, you’re definitely eating from “other people” in some fairly obvious ways. So, without knowing too much more, I’m going to go with irrational.

However, you just might not be down with potlucks. I don’t like to cook, so it’s not my bag either. I usually bring booze or dope or offer to clean up. I think on balance it’s good to show up for people’s shindigs.

How did you foil/dodge someone else’s attempt to cheat or deceive you?

The moment I detect any deceit in a person I’m dealing with, they’re out of my life immediately. I have no tolerance for that shit. You burn too much energy up thinking about how someone is trying to fuck you over. Whatever you think can be gotten out of that person can be found risk free elsewhere.

Your vocabulary has been limited to three words for the rest of your life. Which three do you choose? 

Yes, no, and my name.

How do I ask someone to be my friend with benefits?

For women, this is pretty easy. Next time you’re alone, put your hand on their leg and see what happens.

For men, I can’t remember that well, but I always remember it having something to do with crashing at their house and getting in the same bed.

What was a time when you did something so well, that you had to downplay it to make it seem more believable

I’ve never experience this. It seems weird. I guess maybe the least believable story I tell is the time I jumped over a bar to beat a customer’s ass. However, a ton of my friends saw it happen so it’s not embellished. I’d wanted everyone to know about it because it was so rad.

Where would you rather be right now, if you did not live where you are?

New Orleans, but I’d like to spend a year or two in Los Angeles first.

What was the act of kindness that got you into major trouble?

I drove a junkie to Memphis to pick up her things. We ended up getting chased out of the city by some kids she stole from after we got spotted at a coffee shop. On the way back home to Louisiana, I ran off the road and flipped my truck on its side into a ditch.

Lesson learned.